Turkey Vultures - Gil Hoffman

Turkey Vultures - Gil Hoffman

January 2019 Village Scenes - Gil Hoffman photos

December Blue Heron and Bald Eagle at Pond 1 - Gil Hoffman photos

Most recent taken 12/26/18

November 2018 Lunch Bunch

The Early Days - Scans by Gil Hoffman

2018 Artisan’s Fair

Wildlife and Flowers in the Village - Gil Hoffman photos

Spring in the Village (new photos 5/14/18) - Gil Hoffman

Red Fox - George Drake; Centreville Elementary 2nd grade Choral Group - George Drake; Day before Winter - Gil Hoffman

Super Blue Blood Moon January 30 and 31 - George Drake

These are three images my camera saw of the Jan. 30/31 Super Blue Blood Moon.  Super because of the moons closeness to the Earth.  Blue because it was the second super moon within the same month.  Blood because the Earth is between the sun and moon and the earth casts a shadow on the moon.  The first photo was 1/30/18 at 8:57 p.m.; the second on 1/31/18 at 6:38 a.m.;  the third on 1/31/18 at 6:53 a.m.  The second two photos were taken from the field to the left and behind Dunkin Donuts.

Pond 1 Delight - George Drake photo (click to enlarge)

George Drake photo (click to enlarge)

Gil Hoffman Photos

Gil Hoffman Photos

Snow Geese: Gil Hoffman; Red Fox: Christa Fookes and Marcella Hilgartner; Whistling Swan: Al and Kathy Waddell

Illuminations - SV 2014 Gil Hoffman

Illuminations - SV 2014
Gil Hoffman

Managed by Gil Hoffman

Managed by Gil Hoffman