Carol Hodges is our long time chair and leader of the P&C Committee. Carol is supported by committee members: Linda Blume (vice-chair), Sue Canfield, George Drake, Dave Gallop, Debi Wells, Gil Hoffman, Bill Ridgway, Bob Rose, Eileen Rowley, John Schultz, Brenda Stoltz, Marge Strano, Julia Detch, MaryKay Kerr, and Jim Arnts. Dave Peterson is our 2019 HOA Board Liaison.

Regular Meetings are the first Monday of the month at 2 p.m. in the Concert Hall. They are open meetings and community inputs are welcome.

What we do for you:

How can you help us?

  • Send a restaurant review for the Libretto to the Libretto Editors

  • Send upcoming events for publication to Linda Blume

  • Send potential advertisers to Bob Rose

  • Send new or replacement picture directory updates to George Drake

  • Send new resident (re-sale) alerts to Eileen Rowley

  • Send photos for posting on the Gallery webpage to Jim Arnts

  • Please give us feedback:

    • What else would you like to see in the Libretto?

    • What else would you like to see on our webpages?

    • Are there enough printed copies of the Libretto available?

    • How can we get event information more widely distributed?

    • Would you like an outdoor or indoor electronic sign to post events?

Nomination for Neighbor of Note

Do you know an interesting person worthy of a Libretto article? Submit a nomination here and a Libretto editor will help you to write that article.

Libretto Style Guide

The Publications & Communications Committee requests that the Libretto, eBlasts, and web page published documents follow the Libretto Style Guide for uniformity of communications within the community. The Style Guide has preferred abbreviations and Clubhouse Room names, for example.

Care to make suggestions, comments, or inputs online, use the form below:

Submit any comments, suggestions, or inputs with this form. Links for recipes, reviews, events, new residents, or photos are best sent with the direct email links above. Don't forget to click on Submit when done. After submitting, you will be prompted to send an email if you want to send any attachment(s) or photos.

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