Lifestyle and Other Social Activities FAQs

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+ Q. Is Lifestyle an official HOA Committee?

Yes, Lifestyle is an HOA committee with roles and responsibilities defined in the Terms of Reference.

+ Q. Who plans social activities?

Most of the social events are planned by Lifestyle. Lifestyle events are publicized on our web pages. Ladies Happy Hour, Lunch Bunch, and Social Singles are not Lifestyle planned or Lifestyle sponsored events.

+ Q. Does Lifestyle have an HOA budget?

No, Lifestyle is self-supporting through the sale of tickets, when appropriate. Lifestyle expenses pass through the HOA which is used a vehicle to collect resident ticket payments. At the end of the year Lifestyle has zero expenses charged to the HOA. The board has authorized the use of certain paper products for Lifestyle events.

+ Q. Can Lifestyle organize bus trips?

No, the board has determined that our insurance would not cover HOA liability for bus trips.

+ Q. Why do some organizations have to pay a fee?

The board has determined that profit making organizations must pay a nominal fee for Clubhouse use even if the events or meetings benefit the residents. Lifestyle sponsored events are exempt from this fee.