Symphony Village Trees

The Symphony Village HOA is responsible for the care and maintenance of common area trees which includes street trees, Clubhouse & parking lot trees, swail trees, Taylor Mill trees, and several islands throughout the community. The SV HOA is also responsible for trees from a safety  standpoint in the perimeter areas that are in part wetland region and under strict government regulations. To that extent we periodically check for perimeter trees within our boundaries that may be in a state that could possibly endanger resident personal or property. 

In July 2017, Wetland Studies and Solutions Inc. (WSSI) was contracted by Symphony Village Homeowners Association, Inc. (SVHOA) to provide an assessment of all trees at Symphony Village in Centerville, Maryland at the request of the Landscape and Irrigation Committee / Tree Subcommittee. 

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists from WSSI conducted the evaluation of the trees during August and September 2017.  The trees were measured and assessed for current condition and overall health and their location (nearest property address and Latitude/ Longitude) were assigned using GIS software.

A total of 1,793 trees were evaluated, with recommendations for treatment and maintenance.

The interactive map below was derived from that report. Click on the map and zoom in on any tree identified by a colored dot. You can pan up/down or right/left as you zoom in. Click on the tree of interest all the data about that tree will be displayed in an information box. The tag number should correspond to the tag on the tree.

In the map, the color code is blue (good), green (fair), yellow (poor), and purple (critical), and red (dead, or N/A). 97% of the community trees are either good or fair, 2% are poor, and less than 0.5% are critical or dead.